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Bruinen Data River
Bruinen - Data River graphicBruinen - Data River graphic

Create your data river

Bring your data, wherever it lives


Built for better decisions

Stranded Knowledge Pools

Analysts and LLMs can access disparate data systems, but struggle to form cohesive insights on how the pieces fit together without context. This leaves knowledge stranded and lost in the gaps between systems.

The Ontology Advantage

By mapping sources to a shared understanding, Bruinen’s ontology forms a data river, connecting the various data lakes into a unified whole that can be queried in one place with all the required context.

AI-powered analyses improve as your ontology grows, our AI understands your business needs and is preemptively tuned on your ontology

Flexible models
Data mapped to your business
Unstructured Data
Pdfs, emails, word docs, etc
Your own or Bruinen's LLM
Structured data
20+ integrations
Query with ease
Insights from anywhere
All your data in one place
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Flexible Data Model - Infographic

Free up your data team

Create and update any model on top of your data – all with no-code tools.

Need a new “full name” field? Instead of updating your entire data pipeline, simply update the Bruinen object.

New data field

[ First name + Last name -> Full name ]

Data mapped to your business
LLM First infographic


Bruinen is designed to be easy to integrate with your LLM or use ours, off-the-shelf. The intuitive structure of the Bruinen data model makes it simple for LLMs to learn, query, and understand your business’s unique shape.

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Structured Chaos - Infographic

See the full picture

Unstructured data is increasingly valuable when coupled with LLMs. We make unstructured data simple to use by adding structure without losing the integrity of the data. With Bruinen, you can easily attach documents and other unstructured data to objects, adding them seamlessly to your data model.

Unlock Data's Potential

Adapt seamlessly to your unique challenges and opportunities across the modern enterprise.

Bruinen - Data River graphic

The Analyst

Quickly query your complete data set for predictable data reporting or leverage the built-in LLM and prompt it for auditable answers needed for ad-hoc projects.

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The Analyst Infographic

The Developer

Quickly build data-reliant internal tooling or roll out new product capabilities with a complete data set.

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The Developer Infographic

The Operator

Easily drill down with our UI or LLM to uncover ways to optimize business, increase efficiency, and improve the bottom line. Team up with your engineering team to quickly build data-rich tools, feedback loops, and custom workflows specific to your business. Break out a couple of examples, rideshare, factory, SaaS, etc.

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The Leader

Don’t rely on data teams to answer questions when you need them. Use Bruinen to ask your enterprise any questions you have.

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The Leader Infographic
The Analyst InfographicThe Developer InfographicThe Operator InfographicThe Leader Infographic


Flexible schema. Update your data model at any time, without changing your data warehouse or other underlying data assets.

Embeddable object views. Embed a view in any other internal tool, or public website.

Simple handoff: LLMs & humans. Pick up where your copilot left off, or vice-versa.

API for everything. Use your data model anywhere, you can access any object, document, or query via API.

No-code data model definition. Model your business in hours not weeks.

Secure and private. Run all of Bruinen on your own cloud, or in a private space on ours.

Fully-Permissioned. Row and column-level permissions for end-users and LLMs alike.

Audit logs. Full audit logs for data access, schema changes, and everything else.

Power informed decisions across your enterprise

Bruinen eliminates the constant porting of data between pools, creating a consistent stream for engineers, analysts, executives, and LLMs.

Bruinen - Data River graphic