A local-first database,
built for the edge

The cloud is not a prerequisite for edge intelligence. Bruinen Delta is a distributed SQLite database built specifically for edge computing environments. It can be installed on microprocessors, servers, phones, and in the cloud. It provides the data needed for edge AI/ML workflows without the typical engineering overhead required. Delta replaces message queues, caches, retries, and the other complexities of distributed edge communication with a straight-forward SQL database.

Delta keeps this database in sync across your network, with or without a connection to the cloud. The environments you work in are hard. Sensors go dead, and uplinks get knocked out. Bruinen ensures all devices in your network keep working even when disconnected and sync their work whenever they rejoin your network.



Needed data is stored locally on the device, meaning most reads and writes take 0ms.

Developer velocity

On a microcontroller, phone, or server, the query semantics are the same; it's just SQL.


Devices can lose connection and keep working. Once reconnected, their changes are automatically synchronized.


AI/ML workflows executed on the edge work against their local data, only broadcasting results, reducing the movement of sensitive information.



All the familiarity of SQLite in any environment: web, embedded, server, or phone.

Transport agnostic

Delta works over any network you have, whether WiFi, LAN, Bluetooth, LoRaWAN, or satellite.


Delta uses CRDTs (Conflict-Free Replicated Data Types) to enable diverging versions of data to converge. An offline node will not lose its work.

Peer to peer

Full peer-to-peer networks, as well as gateways and client/server models, are supported.

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