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Create robust applications on your data sources, seamlessly connect to any API, efficiently automate operations.

Batteries included.

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Bruinen - Data River graphicBruinen - Data River graphic

Create your data river

Bring your data, wherever it lives


Act with Intelligence

Bruinen Works for Everyone

The no-code/low-code platform for rapid access, analysis, automation, and application development across an enterprise's full dataset.

Built for AI, analysts, operators, managers, and developers.

The Ontology Advantage

Map data to a shared understanding.

Bruinen’s ontology forms a data river, connecting all your data sources, both structured and unstructured, enabling you to ask questions and take action with a holistic view. Adding new applications is as simple as connecting a new data source.

Flexible models
Data mapped to your business
Unstructured Data
Pdfs, emails, word docs, etc
Take Action
Create, Update, Delete
Structured data
20+ integrations
Query with ease
Insights from anywhere
All your data in one place
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Infographic that shows how to empower data models in the Bruinen app

Empower Data Models

Once your data is onboarded to Bruinen, you gain access to intelligent defaults that streamline your workflow.

- Built-in AI search capabilities
- Easy-to-use filters
- Simplified create, update, and delete action
- Seamlessly relate any records, regardless of location

Infographic that shows flexible actions of the app

Flexible Actions

Out of the box, Bruinen equips you with the ability to create, update, and delete records within your system. Additionally, our platform empowers you to perform actions against any API, enabling the creation of sophisticated and powerful automated workflows for your team.

Transform how you turn data-driven understanding into data-driven outcomes.

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Infographic that shows of Bruinens granular permissions of the app

Granular Permissions

Bruinen offers fine-grained permission configuration and transparent auditability, ensuring a secure environment where your team can leverage powerful tools while safeguarding sensitive data and preventing accidental destructive actions.

Shaped for Your Business

Adapt seamlessly to your unique challenges and opportunities across the modern enterprise.

Bruinen - Data River graphic

Consumer Hardware

Detect shortages on incoming product inspections and automatically generate rush orders in the ERP. If component delays are predicted, update production schedules through the manufacturing execution system API.

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Pull in bug reports from the dev tools, assign and schedule fixes in project management. Once deployments are approved, auto-update the status in support ticketing. If SLAs are missed, trigger notification and issue refund through payments.


Analyze machine downtime reasons and schedule maintenance in your computerized maintenance management system. If uptime goals are off track, order parts through procurement and alert supervisors.

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Pull in bug reports from the dev tools, and assign and schedule fixes in your project management platform. Once deployments are approved, auto-update the status in the support ticket. If SLAs are missed, trigger a notification, email the client, and issue a refund through Stripe.

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Infographic that shows how consumer hardware worksInfographic that shows Manufacturing of the appInfographic that shows Software as a service


Flexible schema. Update your data model, without changing your underlying data assets.

Embeddable object views. Embed a view in any other internal tool, or public website.

Simple handoff: LLMs & humans. Pick up where your AI copilot left off, or vice-versa.

API for everything. Use your data model anywhere – access any object, document, or query via API.

No-code data model definition. Model your business in hours not weeks.

Secure and private. Run all of Bruinen on your own cloud, or in a private space on ours.

Fully-Permissioned. Row and column-level permissions for end-users and LLMs alike.

Audit logs. Full audit logs for data access, schema changes, and everything else.

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Bruinen - Data River graphic