Why we selected Sqlite

Sqlite is a battle-tested database engine used by the majority of devices in the world. Its a clear choice for edge deployment.

Tevon Strand-Brown
June 21, 2024


SQLite, developed in 2000 by D. Richard Hipp, is an open-source, self-contained, serverless database engine. It was created to provide a lightweight database that could be easily embedded into applications. Over the years, it has evolved significantly, becoming the most widely used database engine in the world.

SQLite's popularity can be attributed to its simplicity, reliability, and being in the public domain. Its zero-configuration setup and portability make it an ideal choice for developers looking for an easy-to-integrate database.


Sqlite is an embedded database, running in the same process as the application using it. This tight integration reduces latency and improves performance. For embedded systems like those we build at Bruinen, this is crucial for maintaining high throughput and low memory usage. It also makes deployment significantly faster.

Why it excels in edge environments

At Bruinen, we focus on edge computing solutions that require reliable and efficient data management. SQLite is particularly well-suited for edge environments due to:

SQLite is battle tested (literally)

It was originally developed at General Dynamics for the US Navy. It is embedded in countless software and hardware products, including:

SQLite is estimated to be used in billions of deployments, and its library has been included in virtually every computing device available today. More than one trillion databases are created every year.

Community and support

The vast adoption of SQLite is also supported by a strong community of developers and extensive documentation, making it easy to find solutions and best practices for implementation. Regular updates and a focus on stability and performance ensure that SQLite remains a reliable choice for both small-scale projects and enterprise-level applications.

For us

For Bruinen Delta, Sqlite was a no-brainer. It is simply to work with, small, and blazing-fast on-device. It supports exactly what we need - battle-tested reliability, extremely fast reads/writes, and a minimal footprint on the device.

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