Software Engineer

What we do

We believe location matters, and that the most important technological changes will not occur in the data center, but in the field. Technology is being deployed to solve conflicts, mitigate the climate crisis, address food and resource scarcity, and combat wildfires. While models running in the cloud are helpful, these problems must be addressed on the ground. Wildfire is not smothered by the cloud but by humans and technology at the edge.

Our mission is to make software as easy to use in edge environments as it is in a data center. We’re starting with the database.

What we build

Bruinen Delta is a database for edge computing environments, where the physical and digital collide. Our database is designed to operate in the harshest conditions — in the sky and underground, in the wilderness and at sea, on the battlefield, and in the farmer’s field. 

Delta is local-first and distributed, allowing devices to continue running when connections are disrupted or other devices fail. This makes it a perfect fit for drones, off-road autonomous vehicles, robots, and sensors.

The role

You will be an integral part of the engineering team building towards Bruinen’s mission to bring reliable compute to the edge. From day one you will plan, build, and ship critical product features. 


What we value

What we require


Life at Bruinen

Every day, we have the opportunity to develop solutions we believe to be among the most impactful in modern software — bringing technology far, far outside of the data center. If this excites you, you’ll love working at Bruinen because it makes us excited to start every day!

We have an in-person team in San Francisco. Want to move here? We’ll pay! Want to stay where you are? We’ll have you come visit us at least once a quarter so we all stay connected.

Let’s build something beautiful together.

Apply by emailing tevon [at] bruinen [dot] co

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